Editor in Chief
Greg Tito

Video Producer
Justin Clouse

News Manager
Josh Vanderwall

Content Assistant
Schuyler Dievendorf

Editorial Assistant
Paul Goodman

Vice President, Sales
Newton Grant

Sales Managers
Kara Lincoln
Janelle Bonanno

Vice President, Product & Technology
Gregory Lincoln

Art Director
Jessica Fielhauer

Layout Artists
Carrie Keymel

Jose Mireles


Software Developers
John Moulton
Louis Weber

Infrastructure Manager
Erik Jacobson

GM & SVP, Alloy Digital
Alexander Macris

Executive Assistant
Elisa Murciano

Sales Manager

Video Producer
Justin currently serves as an Assistant Producer of Video Production and as a Community Manager. He joined Themis Group in 2007 and has worked in Customer Support, Quality Assurance, and Game Design during his tenure with the company. When he is not swinging the ban hammer or working on the latest videos, you will find him enjoying any number of forms of gaming, including World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Bioshock and Team Fortress 2.

Content Assistant
Schuyler Dievendorf joined the Themis team in 2008 as a Game Master for Pirates of the Burning Sea then Wizard 101 and has since moved onward and upward into the content department as a Content Assistant. When not assisting with content he enjoys video games about sports and being a full fledged movie snob with high hopes that VHS will someday make its triumphant return.

Art Director BITCHES!!
As Art Director for Themis Media, Jessica tackles the challenging task of leading the team to turn nascent ideas into working brands, media kits, and site designs. A Fine Arts graduate of Michigan State University, she brings her meticulous nature to every project, to both the delight and exasperation of her coworkers. After joining the Themis team back in November 2005, Jessica was a complete newcomer to the gaming world. Since that time, she has picked up the lingo (and humor), but still resists the habit; instead indulging in a wide array of acceptably geeky comics, movies and books.

Vice President, Sales
Newton E. Grant is the VP of Sales, helping clients find solutions to their marketing objectives via the company's division, Themis Media. Prior to Themis, he was Business Development Manager for TOTO USA and Director of Business Development for Central Park Media, a pioneering anime and manga company. A graduate of the United States Military Academy, Newton served as a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army and completed a combat tour in Afghanistan prior to entering the civilian workforce

Infrastructure Manager
As Infrastructure Manager Erik Jacobson configures and maintains the company's remote web and email servers. Along with normal configuration and maintenance, he also specializes in writing programs for data analysis and automation. Prior to Themis, he has helped develop wireless intrusion detection systems for the U.S. Air Force at their Rome Research Site in New York, along with contract work installing and configuring Linux server solutions. With a knack for breaking things that can't be broken, and even being able to fix them most of the time, he is typically the first line of defense against himself.

Sales Manager
Kara is a sales manager for Themis Media and is responsible for ad trafficking and inventory management. Kara works closely with the Themis Media sales team to ensure on time delivery and customer satisfaction, as well as provide creative input on the execution of premium ad campaigns. Prior to her current position, Kara has worked as a community manager and public relations manager for Themis Group's other divisions. When not working you can find her playing World of Warcraft, shredding the guitar on Rock Band 2, or crocheting (yes, crocheting).

Carrie Keymel is one of the cogs on the Design Team at Themis Media. A relative newcomer, joining the crew mid 2008, she fit right in with her dedication to games and pretty graphics. Prior to joining Themis, she worked for three years at a national full-service design and creative firm concepting and creating pieces for clients ranging from Dog Food companies to manufacturers of centrifugal pumps all while juggling freelance clients on the side. In her spare time she enjoys guilty pleasures such as flash games, MUD's, Conan the Barbarian and ponies. Especially ponies.

Vice President, Product & Technology
Greg oversees the production operations for Themis Media's properties, from formulating and implementing organization and communication tools to maintaining quality and timely delivery of content. With a varied background in creative development, public relations and programming, he brings a comprehensive tool set to further enrich an already talented team. Greg rarely holds still, goal orienting even his fleeting personal time in order to ensure his continued insanity.

General Manager
During his time at Themis Alexander Macris has served as publisher and editorial director of Themis Media, editor in chief of the Themis Report series, contributor to the books "MMORPGs for Dummies" and "Business & Legal Primer for Game Development," and designer of the award-winning game Heroes Mini. In addition to his work at Themis, Mr. Macris is co-founder and president of Triangle Game Initiative and conference director of the Triangle Game Conference. He is a graduate magna cum laude of Harvard Law School, where he authored a study on the effects of game design on community growth.

Software Developer
John's been part of the team since 2007, working behind the scenes keeping things running faster, better, and stronger. In the gaming world he's tried and enjoyed practically everything, from the arcade to consoles, text adventures to MMOs, or tabletops and collectible card games.

Executive Assistant
Elisa wears many hats for Themis Media, and very stylish ones at that. While working closely with the CEO and CFO, Elisa strives to keep everything running smoothly, while also managing day-to-day office life and Human Resources. Her energetic and positive attitude is abundant, as she often encourages coworkers to participate in morale boosting activities. Elisa is also the Secretary and an event coordinator for Triangle Game Initiative. She enjoys playing Rock Band, real musical instruments, and hanging out with her talking dog, who will hopefully become a celebrity and will help her retire at the ripe age of 30.

Managing Editor
Greg Tito plays all kinds of games from current consoles to Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop war games. He was a playwright and theater producer, among a hundred other crappy jobs, in NYC before coming to work full time at The Escapist. In 2004, he produced a short film that was shown at film festivals across the country. Greg has written D&D supplemental material for Goodman Games, Gun Metal Productions, and Wizards of the Coast. Having recently cured a festering World of Warcraft addiction, you can find Greg playing PC strategy titles or Settlers of Catan with his wife Erin.

News Manager
Since being recruited to Themis Group as a Game Master in early 2004, Joshua has spent most of his time tirelessly working support tickets, managing communities and events online, and training the best Support Team ever assembled. In December 2009, Joshua moved to the Sales Team, bringing his years of customer and client relations experience to the role of Affiliate Relations Manager. Having finally graduated cum laude from NCSU with a BS in Physics, Joshua is currently poring over the available CERN data searching for the elusive 'Kafka-Boson' or 'Morality Particle,' that will allow him to finally write a rigorous proof in defense of vegetarianism.

Software Developer
Joining the IT team in 2009, Louis works behind the scenes processing ideas and outputting code. When he isn't spending his time coding, Louis defends his 2010 Nerferdome Champion Belt against all those who challenge him. Outside of the office, Louis works to kill zombies - though so far they still win every time.

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