Additional Services

Themis Media is more than a series of sites for advertising campaigns; with the power of Themis Group, it is also a series of solutions where you can turn your most creative campaign ideas into reality:

  1. Art Support: Working within your creative vision, Themis Group can design, modify, or customize the ads for your campaign for our sites.
  2. Promotional Game Design: What better way to entertain gamers than with games! With your guidance, Themis Group can design and build web-based “gamer snacks” that promote the key elements of your product in a memorable and viral manner. Our work on Heroes of Might and Magic Mini won the Gold Award at the 2007 MI6 Game Marketing Conference for best promotional game. We’d love to win again for your promotion.
  3. Promotional Website Design: A great ad requires a great landing website to reinforce the message and strike home! At your discretion, Themis Group can translate those ideas for promotional websites into reality. Well, maybe better than reality. Really.
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