Additional Advertising Properties

Anime News Network

The World's leading source of news and information on the anime and manga industries, Anime News Network draws a mature and diverse crowd of anime fans with a healthy appetite for animation and videogames.

Best Game Wallpapers

Best Game Wallpapers is where gamers download and submit high quality computer wallpapers. This site reaches the male game art enthusiast aged 18-34, and has 1 million unique views and 1.2 million page views per month.

Gamers with Jobs

Gamers with Jobs give smart, in-depth podcast discussions with regular guest stars along with daily news and editorial. With over 100 thousand unique visits and 1.1 million page views monthly, Gamers with Jobs hosts a core audience of 18-45 male gamers.

Red Orbit

Red Orbit brings the latest news and streaming video on Technology, Science, Space and Health to Themis Media. Red Orbit reaches an even ratio of both male and female readers with an age range of 18-44, the core being 35-44 year-olds, and serves 3 million uniques, 24 million page views and 20 million video streams each month.

Snafu Comics

Snafu Comics brings cutting-edge artwork and daily comics on this independent site for top comics for the web. Snafu draws a core male audience between the ages of 14-24 and has 1.5 million uniques and 30 million page views each month.

The Otaku

Game and Anime Fans of the World, Unite! The Otaku commands a large and passionate audience composed mainly young, trendsetting, artistic women who watch anime, read manga, and play video games. This site boasts an awesome ratio of 3 female users to every male with its 20 million page views per month!

Twenty Sided Tale

Twenty Sided Tale is a blog-style site by the talented Shamus Young. Creator of the popular DM of the Rings and The Escapist's Stolen Pixels, Shamus' site gives a full-spectrum view of game development with a unique perspective. Twenty Sided Tale hosts 200 thousand unique visits and 1 million page views per month, with the average time on site at about 7 minutes.

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