With over 6 million video streams, 5.6 million visitors and 55 million page views every month, Themis Media encompasses a comprehensive network of award winning sites that attracts the demand of gamers and entertainment enthusiasts around the world.


Video & Custom Ad Placements

Themis Media sites and partners offer advertisers numerous fresh and targeted ways to effectively reach the gamer audience. Whether through online video ads or custom site skins, Themis Media can help advertisers deliver a memorable and effective advertising campaign that goes beyond the ad box.

Banner Ads

In addition to all the cutting-edge advertising options available, Themis Media also has a strong selection of banner ad real estate: Leaderboards, Big Boxes, Skyscrapers, and Tiles. Alone, or in combination with video and custom ads, Themis Media’s banner ad space is a proven and effective way to reach out to gamers. Ads can take various forms, including static, animated GIF, or Flash. (View Sample)


Read all about it! Themis Media offers weekly newsletters from WarCry and The Escapist, highlighting the newest game-related content across our network. Reach our most enthusiastic readers with your exclusive message and deliver targeted ads with the accuracy of smart bombs. Brilliant.


Everyone loves free stuff, especially if the stuff is cool. Themis Media loves games and our readers are no different. A chance to win free keys to a hot beta? Awesome! Unique game collectables? This is heaven! Collector’s Editions of high-profile games? We are Princes of the Universe! Themis Media can help you generate this type of excitement by devising rocking contest opportunities that will cut through the clutter and engage gamers.

Video Ad Placements

The power of video within interactive environments is virtually impossible to overstate. This is no less true of video ads, because well-made video ads and trailers can serve as a form of entertainment in addition to communicating advertisers’ branding and marketing message. Themis Media is a platform where video ads will find a very receptive audience. Clients can make those videos and trailers available in a wide variety of ways: (View Sample)

  1. Pre-Roll Trailer/Video Ad: Plays your trailers in advance of Themis Media’s branded video content.
  2. Video Overlay: Places custom clickthru overlay during Themis Media's branded video content.
  3. Post-Roll Trailer/Video Ad: Plays your trailers after Themis Media’s branded video content ends.
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